Neo Ports Manager

Questions and Answers

This is a short list of questions that I think might commonally pop up should any actually pop up they will be added to this list, Cheers

What does NPM mean?
Nothing really, I call it Neo (knee oh) in my minds internal dialogue so that is what is used internally. Ports Manager was added to make it more descriptive.
Will you translate it to language X or Y?
I am working to make NPM as friendly as possible to internationalization and localization (I18N and L10N). I however only speak English and am trying to learn German. English and eventually German translations will be shipped out of the box. Any other languages can only be supported if some one speaking that language can assists in translating the text.
What do I need to run it?
  • FreeBSD, DesktopBSD, or PC-BSD - other BSD's may work if they provide a FreeBSD compilant ports system.
  • The Python programming language and Qt3 bindings. Python 2.4 may work without problems but only 2.5 is supported.
  • Currently NPM uses psearch and portupgrade as back ends without these programs installed, NPM will be unable to function correctly.
Why did you use this crazy user interface?
In the begining I drew three concept images with the intention to allow use of each. Style 2 or the orthodox interface was selected as the test bed for development as a matter of my own preference.
I found a bug, what should I do
Please send an e-mail with a detailed description to sas_spidey01 at - screen shots and or video would not hurt. Either way please explain the problem and how to reproduce it. Patches to fix it are also welcome, please refer to this page for more details.