Neo Ports Manager

Software used in creating the Neo Ports Manager

These are the programs and tools that have been pressed into service in writing NPM.

Vi iMproved
My faithful text editor, so far all of NPM code has been written using Vim 7.x on my laptop. Most of this website was aslo written using Vim 6.3 on a Fedora Core Linux server.
All development of NPM has been done on a PC-BSD powered laptop. PC-BSD is a Desktop User oriented system that uses FreeBSD under the hood along with the K Desktop Environment.
My PC-BSD installation operates largely as a FreeBSD 6-STABLE system it is also the major target platform of NPM. NPM is optimized for PC-BSD users in mind but is only dependant upon FreeBSD's ports and packages systems for its host operating system.
NPM uses the Subversion repository provided by SourceForge for all of it's needs in place of the also offered CVS Repository.
The Neo Ports Manager is written using the Python Programming Language. A very powerful multi-paradigm cross platform language. Currently Python 2.5 is used although 2.4 might work
Qt Toolkit
NPM uses the Qt Open Source Edition from Trolltech, currently Version 3.3 using the PyQT bindings, a port to PyQT4 is planned as soon as it is practical, e.g. KDE4 becomes the norm for KDE users on FreeBSD and KDE4/Qt4 + Python bindings become included with PC-BSD out of the box.